Watch This Beautiful Luxurious At Hotel Carmichael Wedding

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Watch This Beautiful Luxurious At Hotel Carmichael Wedding

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To begin with, this Hotel Carmichael Wedding is located in Carmel, Indiana, with Wedding Planner, Arbor and Bloom Events on site. In addition, this venue has all the luxury feels. After all, the beautiful elegant chandeliers, to the interior architecture design will make you truly feel that your at a luxury event. By the time, I was so excited to film this wedding. Henceforth, I knew that this wedding’s love story had to be shared. As you can see the film is filled with creative edits. As a result to reflect the personality of the couple. In essence, the super 8mm incorporated with the Antique Car with Antique Limousine of Indianapolis.

Beginning Of The Day

First thing, I always do, is to get drone shots of the venue. In due time, I will meet the couple. This is my way of doing a quick scout and see the property in all. As a result, I can quickly see spots that could work or not. In reality, I will still need to see the area in person. For this reason it can really help weed out places that won’t work. Of course this would be because the sun is going to be at a bad spot, or there are going to be harsh shadows. Not to mention, other people being in the background, or ugly construction sites. Straightaway, I was greeted by Arbor and Bloom Events at the hotel. 


Shortly after we arrived at St. Mary St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church. Overall, this was going to be the first time, Alex gets to see Liana in her dress the first time. After all, his reaction was priceless when he instantly saw her in the perfect dress provided by, Monique Lhuillier. In fact, their whole wedding day was absolutely, priceless. To emphasize, the ceremony was gorgeous with all the florals! Whenever Liana & Alex said “I do”, they eventually made their way down the steps from the church for their send-off. Meanwhile, while the couple was on their way back to the hotel. Then I managed to get a few more clips of the florals and details of the church.


Later, after the send-off from St. Mary. We quickly arrived back at Hotel Carmichael to take pictures and video of the couple with the vintage car. In the same fashion, we included Antique Limousine of Indianapolis in the shoots as well. In fact, the car itself definitely matched the vibe with the hotel. Of course, the hotel being in the background during the shoot added another layer of eye appealing. Not to mention, Alex and Liana also made the vintage car look even better too. To clarify, Liana and Alex didn’t need much else to look stunning on their wedding day. Between the Ceremony and Intros, we focused heavily on the couple around the hotel.

Reception At Hotel Carmichael Wedding

Meanwhile, with the major help and tireless efforts, Arbor and Bloom Events helped with keeping us on schedule. Furthermore, giving the photographer and I access to the reception room for full room shots. Additionally, we were able to capture all the details before hand. Of course, I have to give a huge shout-out to Mcnamara Florist – Indianapolis for the 80 plus hours of design and building of the florals. By all means, Liana and Alex were absolutely, speechless with the florals. Nevertheless, I was too impressed by the hard work. Not only was the reception hall filled with the florals, but also elegant with the interior design of the room.

Conclusion: Watch This Beautiful Luxurious At Hotel Carmichael Wedding

To put it in another way, the hotel, and all the vendors included made this day at it’s finest! For this reason, you should always consider your vendor team when planning your wedding. In fact, having a wedding planner such as, Arbor and Bloom Events, does help with a lot of behind the scenes that you don’t think about or know of. In addition, vendors with a premium price tag have seen it all and can handle stressful situations without you even knowing so you can enjoy the day with your favorite people. With this intention, you will be able to experience a wedding day just like Liana & Alex at The Hotel Carmichael.