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Indianapolis Corporate Films
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Indianapolis Corporate Films
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How It Works

Step 1: Contact Us to set up a meet and greet either in person or through a video call.

Step 2: We will need to discuss the project requirements and budget.

Step 3: Contract Sign off along with 50% deposit.


Step 1: Storyboarding

Step 2: Scouting locations and getting space rentals if needed approved.

Step 3: If there is any dialog you want in the video, you must provide the script before the production.


Step 1: Set up equipment at approved location.

Step 2: Press record and go through shot list.


Step 1: Back-up the footage.

Step 2: Edit footage within agreed upon turn around time.

Step 3: Up to 2 round of revisions available for the final video.

Step 4: Final video will be delivered online.

Indianapolis Corporate Films

Indianapolis Corporate Films

I moved to the Indianapolis area in 2011 to provide more opportunities for myself and my family. We live in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis and just love the area! It was not long after moving here that I decided to pursue videography and put my Radio and Television Broadcasting degree to good use. In the beginning of my venture it was a hobby that I did on my weekends and in the evenings after my 9-5, but soon it became more than that. In the many years I have been a videographer I have learned so much and, given my years of experience, it is difficult to surprise me with something new.

Indianapolis Films

Through-out College, I put my videography practice into producing short commercials, and filmed multiple corporate presentations. I also had the opportunity to have my own TV Show that was broadcasted on a local channel! The show was called “The Local Motive Hour.” It was a fun experience where I brought in local bands to play live on the radio and was filmed to be broadcasted on the TV Channel. Since I moved to Indianapolis I have been filming weddings and events, and in the last few years, I started getting back into filming corporate videos. 

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